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Duck farming has changed radically from the days of herding ducks in fields. From animal husbandry techniques, to modern hatcheries and feed processes, duck farming has become an exacting science.
Our CEO, Joe Jurgielewicz, is a veterinarian from Cornell University. For every 800 students who apply, Cornell only selects 80 who will go through their rigorous veterinarian training. The Jurgielewicz name goes all the way back to the famous Long Island ducks that started the trend to bring Pekin ducks to the United States. But soon, Long Island became littered with duck farms. As a suburb of NYC, one also has to ask about pollution issues for Long Island.

Joe Jurgielewicz & Son decided it was time to find an even healthier environment for raising our end-product duck. That's when we decided to open our first farm in the rural Pennsylvania area. We now have 20 farms spreading throughout Pennsylvania and more being established every year. We are a family owned business and take deep pride in everything we do. 

The best delivery service available on the East Coast.

From our PA location, we have fresher and faster service than anyone when it comes to serving the East Coast, South and the Midwest. And some distributors even request our ducks for overseas markets and West Coast markets. For New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we deliver fresh ducks daily, six days per week. No other duck provider can match our service in this regard.

Joe Jurgielewicz & Son have been providing customers with the finest quality ducks for over 20 years. 

At Joe Jurgielewicz & Son, nothing is more important than providing you the highest quality meats and the best service available. As a product of three generations of poultry farming, Dr. Joe Jurgielewicz knows that providing his customers with nothing but the best is what sets them apart from their competitors.
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